Dr. Coughlin
Fall 2005
Sections: 0501-0503


Announcement for the 2nd Midterm


Material Covered on the Exam:


(1) The following material in the textbook:

  Chapter 3
  Chapter 4:

    i) The text for the Chapter (from p. 54 through p. 70) and
    ii) The following material in the Appendix for Chapter 4:
      a) The four sentences about Marginal Utility which are at the bottom of p. 70
      b) The 2nd paragraph on p. 71
      c) The last two paragraph on p. 71
      d) Everything on p. 72
  Chapter 5:
    i) The text for the Chapter (from p.73 through p.89) and
    ii) The following material in the Appendix to Ch.5:
      a) From the beginning of the Appendix (p. 90) through" two unknowns." at the end of the 2nd
      paragraph on p. 92
      b) From the top of p. 93 through "...the other method." at the end of the first paragraph on p. 94
   Chapter 6:

    i) Introduction on pp. 95-96

    ii) Sections 6.1, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7 and 6.8

   Chapter 22:

    i) Section 22.2

    ii) From "...By definition" in the 2nd line of Section 22.3 through the end of Section 22.4

    iii) The Appendix for Chapter 22

   Chapter 24:

    i) From "...consider an industry" in the 4th line on p. 419 through the end of the 3rd paragraph in Section 24.1

    ii) All of Section 24.2 except for the 3 sentences in the parentheses at the end of the 1st paragraph on p. 422

    iii) The Appendix for Chapter 24


     i) A.3 (Properties of Functions),
     i) A.4 (Inverse Functions),
     iii) A.9 (Absolute Values and Logarithms),
     iv) A.10 (Derivatives),
     v) A.11 (Second Derivative)
     vi) A.12 (The Product Rule and the Chain Rule)
     vii) A.13 (Partial Derivatives)
     viii) A.14 (Optimization)
     ix) A.15 (Constrained Optimization)

(2)The material covered in the Lectures and the Discussion Classes.


Day, Time and Place for the Midterm:


Thursday, November 3rd


9:30-10:20 am


Calculators are only recommended, and not required, for this course. If you do wish

to use one on the exams, the only type of calculator you will be permitted to use is a

simple one, such as the Sharp EL-233 GB model. Graphing calculators, programmable

calculators, PDAs, cell phones, computers and any devices on which text may be stored

are not permitted.


You are also allowed to bring one 8.5 in.x 11 in. sheet of paper (with notes only on one side of the paper). Only use #2 pencil on the exam.

You must be prepared to show your student ID when turning in your exam and answer sheet.


A student will be eligible to take a makeup exam only if the student is (1) absent from the original exam because of one of the legitimate causes listed in the undergraduate catalog and (2) furnishes documentary support for the assertion that the absence resulted from one of these causes.

The Makeup Exam will be at a time and in a location to be announced.